Favorite Photo Friday-“Through the Looking Glass” (Madrid Royal Palace)

by wired2theworld on July 2, 2010

Post image for Favorite Photo Friday-“Through the Looking Glass” (Madrid Royal Palace)

I love this photo of the windows looking out onto the central courtyard of the Royal Palace in Madrid. When full size, it’s almost as if you are there, a member of the court in a past life, looking out to see carriages arriving, or perhaps the king and his entourage. It’s not an optical illusion; the panes of glass are so old they are warped, possibly from age or because glass from that time was hand blown and wasn’t perfectly clear. This photo was taken during a trip to Spain in 2005.


If you like the photo, you can click on one of the links below and save it to use as screensaver or desktop wallpaper. Each photo is slightly different depending on the dimensions.

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Let me know what you think or if there are any specific photos you’d like me to feature in the future.

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