Rome-Trip Questions


1. How many gelati can 4 people eat in 8 days? We lost count somewhere around 30

2. How many cups of coffee will be consumed? 47

3. How many times will Kristina say “let me look at my notes…”? Again, too many to count, but the research really paid off.

4. How many times will David say, “I want a..” about whatever is unique, cool, and typically Italian in the moment? Previous winners have included turreted castle, a basement wine cellar, and a tree house.
This trip's winners include Lion Door Knockers, Dragon Water Spouts and a Bust of Caesar in his likeness.

5. How many times will Jessica say, “I can’t believe we’re really here!” or “We’re in Rome!” like a gleeful schoolgirl? Are you serious? When was she not saying it?

6. How many times will Tris say “Mmmmmm…..cheese!”Eight. At least once a day.

7. Number of hours Kristina spent (joyfully) researching for this trip 567

8. How many many references will David make to the Hassler Hotel? Only two, and one of those times we were standing in front of it.

9. Number of “Rome Daily Tidbits" before we leave? 43

10. Number of cats Kristina will attempt to pet or feed on the street (not including those of the cat sanctuary of Rome). 12

11. Number of museums visited? Scavi, Vatican Muesum, all of Orvieto, Borghese gallery, DaVinci exhibit, Ostia Antica, Forum and Colosseum....all of Rome is a museum. it's too hard to count.

12. Number of churches visited? At least 10.

13. Which cheesy American pop song will become the de facto trip anthem because it is played in every shop, car stereo and cell phone ring tone in Rome? Oddly enough, there wasn't one.

14. How many photographs can 4 people take? Over 2500.

15. How many pictures of food will Kristina take? 147

16. Number of miles walked? Who’s willing to wear the pedometer? Estimated at least 5-7 miles per day. We forgot the pedometer.

17.Who will have the first jet lag induced meltdown? I'm not sayin'.

18.When will we break Golden Rule #1 and what will be the consequences (see the Golden Rules)? No one broke the rule!

19. Who will be the first to say, “No, really, I think we should buy an apartment here”? Who will slap them back to reality?Unfortunately, with the dollar being so low, we needed no slaps back to reality.

20. Number of vacation rental apartments Kristina has viewed online (8547 and counting…well, close to that anyway)

For a previous version of these questions, when we did our RTW trip, go here:

Rome Google Map

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