About Wired2theworld

Kristina and David have been traveling around the world together for over 30 years. Shortly before they both turned 30, they set off on an around the world trip which sparked the genesis of this site in 1998.
In 1999, when the concept of “blogging” was still young, they were written about in the NY Times, listed as some of the first “Techo-Nomads” to travel with a laptop and write about it as they did so. Since that trip, they have continued to travel as much as possible. Read about how travel has changed in the last 20 years here.

About Kristina:
Kristina has visited over 40 countries and credits her passion for food and her intrepid spirit to her mother and to a trip to Mexico at age 16 when she found herself buying tacos through a train window. She also thanks David and his family, who took her on her first trip to Europe, for sparking her obsession with travel. Kristina is a former professional chef, who still works in the restaurant business. She also has a food blog called Former Chef.

About David:
David has been traveling his whole life and has visited over 50 countries. He particularly remembers traveling to Europe at the age of 6 and insisting on climbing every church tower he saw. He’s lived in both Switzerland and Spain and speaks both French and Spanish fluently. David is an elementary school teacher and tries to use his travels to teach his students about the larger world around them.

Us in Scotland in front of Craigivar Castle

About this site:
This site spans many years and many design formats. Any trips prior to 2007 are in Netscape Composer (yes, scary, sorry), trips from 2007-2009 were created in Dreamweaver. In 2010 the site moved to a WordPress blog format to allow for more interactivity with the readers. For old trips, comments can be left on the main pages leading to links to those trips.

Photography and Text:
Kristina is the principal writer and photographer of this site. All photos on the site are taken by her unless otherwise stated. David also contributes his writing and photos from time to time. When we travel with friends and use their photos, they are credited.
All photos and text are copyrighted. Content may not be used for commercial purposes, and may not be copied, distributed or displayed without permission.

Contact: If you’d like to contact us about the website or anything related to writing, photography or travel, here’s how:

Before you contact us with offers of “guest posts” with not so subtle links, or paid post requests, please read this, The Death of Travel Blogging, and know that we don’t accept paid posts, sponsored posts or any posts or links masquerading advertising.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, none of the posts here are sponsored, paid for, or provided for by anyone other than us. If we mention a company, hotel or restaurant, it’s because we think it’s worth sharing, good or bad, and we won’t allow our opinions to be colored by third-party influence.
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