• Baiyun Guan Temple

    Old City Shanghai

    In among all the skyscrapers and apartment buildings, a tiny part of “Old Shanghai” remains. In it there are remnants of the old city wall dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1553) as well as pavilions, temples, and markets. On…

  • Renmin Park, People's Square Shanghai

    People’s Square, the Marriage Market, and Museums in Shanghai

    Our hotel, the Le Royal Meridian Shanghai, overlooked the Shanghai People’s square, a large area containing several museums, a theater, a major metro hub and a huge park. We found ourselves walking through or around it several times a day. Every…

  • Street life in Shanghai's French Concession neighborhood

    Walking the French Concession in Shanghai

      During our days in Shanghai, we visited the neighborhood known as the French Concession twice. It’s a lovely neighborhood which has a few streets that still retain some of the “old Shanghai” charm which is rapidly being replaced with high…

  • Qibao water village near Shanghai

    Qibao Water Town, Near Shanghai

    Question: What’s the Disney version of a Chinese water town? Answer: Qibao We’d wanted to do a day trip from Shanghai, either to one of the Duplitecture towns (towns created to look like Paris, or Venice, or Holland, down to…

  • Jia Jia Tang Bao

    Shanghai Food

    Shanghai; from crazy cheap and delicious street food to fancy-dancy cocktails and food with a view, this city knows how to get its grub on.

  • Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

    After our overnight train from Hong Kong, we arrived at the Shaghai main train station and took the metro the the closest stop to our hotel, the Le Meridien Shanghai. We were to spend four nights in this hotel, with…

  • Two berth soft sleeper overnight train Hong Kong to Shanghai.

    Overnight on a Chinese Train, Hong Kong to Shanghai

    After our morning in Hong Kong, we got a 2PM checkout from the hotel and took a taxi (42 HK$) to Hong Ham station for our 3:15PM departure. At the station, we exchanged our remaining Hong Kong dollars for Chinese…