London 2001

The Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace

London 2001

London Days 1-3
Photos Days 1-3
London Day 4- Bath, Stonehenge and Cotswolds Day Tour
Photos Day 4-Tour
London-Days 5 and 6
London Photos Days 5 and 6
London Day 7-British Museum
Photos Day 7

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Introduction and Planning:

Usually I start my pre-trip journals way in advance, but I didn’t seem to have the luxury of time for this trip. My Mother and I had been discussing taking another trip together for quite some time now, since our trip to Bangkok had been so much fun. Initially we had discussed going to New York or Washington D.C, but back in March when I started looking at air fares, I discovered that for not much more money, we could go to London. Well, why not? So a 4 day trip to D.C. turned into an 8 day trip to London.
About the same time that we were deciding where to go, my friend Jessica was visiting and we told her of our plans and asked if she wanted to go. After a bit of persuasion we got her and her boyfriend Michael to agree to come along. Although I had been to London before, during our RTW trip, this would be a first for my Mother and Jessica.

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