Dordogne Region 10/2008 Day 5



Dordogne Region Day 5, part 2.
October 8, 2008

Lunch at Cordeillan-Bages.
Chef Thierry Marx.

Menu cover and inside.

Crisps, left. The guys at their table, right.

The amuse; yam puree with steamed seabass, foie gras mousse with balsamic,
cold cauliflower soup. Amuse #2 at left.



First Courses

My first course; goat cheese souffle.
"Souffle chaud sans cuisson Sainte-Maure et navet"

Mom's first course: Foie gras and dark chocolate and passion fruit.
"Foie gras <<Choc>> Passion"


Main Courses

My main course; "spaghetti".
The noodle was wrapped around a chicken breast and inside that were veal sweetbreads. On top was a slice of black truffle, and on the bottom, cepe mushrooms.
"Le Spaghetti au ris de veau, cepes et truffes"


Carl's main course; smoked beef with potatoes.
This was a facinating presentation-the beef was smoked on a plate wrapped in plastic only in the time it took to bring it from the kitchen to the table. The plate was then unwrapped tableside which let the fragrence and smoke out into the dining room. All heads turned when this was presented.
"Filet de boeuf fume aux sarments, pommes de terre confites au
jus a quintessence."



Petit fours and the first dessert amuse. Please don't ask me what they were, I don't remember much by this point. The little bowl had some dort of lime mousse or sorbet, and the thing on the stick had ice cream inside.
There was another "dessert" amuse, but this one was oddly savory and had basil and tomato in it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo.

My dessert; deconstructed citrus tart.
"Tarte au citron destructuree"

Kathy and Carl's desserts;
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
(not sure which one on the menu above)
and a crunchy something with Campari, pineapple and eucalyptus.
Craquant givre Campari, Ananas a l'eucalyptus

After these desserts, they trotted out one more dessert; a full cart laden with all sorts of chocolates, tortes and macarons. I could not partake, but it certainly looked incredible.

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Amuse #2:
smoked eel with apple gelee







Wine and bread. Oh, and the butter
was amazing!


Wish I'd written down the name of the
wine. The photo is too blurry to read.



Amuse #3: Abalone with truffle foam
came after the first course.













Mom's main course;
Duck with lemon
verbena, with a turnip ravioli.
Homard, vapeur de verveine
citronnelle, pulpe de navet et
citron confit.



Kathy's main course;
Quail in a cone shape, with coriander.
"Caille conique, saveur tajine"






Mom's dessert; pear with white
"Poire belle Helene inversee




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