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When Going To A New City Is Like Going On A First Date

Naples Street

Where next; Naples, Paestum and Rome

The anticipation of traveling to a new city is a little like that of going on a first date. There’s excitement, nervousness, and anxiety all rolled into one big ball of anticipation.

To me Naples looks good on paper, albeit a little like the bad boy that many girls secretly adore. It’s often described as dirty, chaotic and dangerous but with fantastic art, architecture and incredible food. See what I mean? Naples sounds a like the 1950’s rebel complete with leather jacket, charming smile and a taste for mama’s ragú.

But then there’s the worry; I want to like him, but will he like me?
Will I get lost? Pickpocketed? Or will I find the Naples travel trifecta; great markets, the perfect pizza and the world’s best archaeology museum? Only time will tell.

This trip will also take me to Paestum, the home of ancient Greek ruins and buffalo mozzarella. There is nothing to fear there. While new to me, it feels safe, and I look forward to exploring this less traveled location.

Finally, we will end in Rome. I already know Rome. We are like old lovers who are now just friends. We have a history of over 20 years together, and every time we see each other the flame is rekindled. There’s a level comfort there which I do not have yet with Naples.

So here I go, off on my first date with Naples. I’m wearing a new dress and bright red lipstick. I’m ready to fall in love…


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