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Siem Reap; The Old Market

I’ll be the first to admit we didn’t do much in Siem Reap, at least not much in the way of typical tourist activities. There were no visits to Angkor Wat, no Land Mine Museum, no night market. Instead, we took it easy, visited with friends, waited out the rain showers, ate well and adjusted to jet lag.

That’s not to say we sat around. We walked through the old market, went shopping for Khmer language kid’s books to take up to Koh Ker school, and paid a visit to the PLF supported Tchey school where we checked in on the Media Class and got to see some of the student’s photography projects. During the 6 days we spent in Siem Reap we also ventured up north to Koh Ker in Preah Vihear province where we visited the school, spent the night, and got to see some jungle temples most tourists never visit.

There will be more on some of those other things we did in later posts, but first, the market. Y’all know how much I love my markets, right? The Old Market in the center of downtown Siem Reap is about 2/3rds tourist tat (t shirts, fabric, jewelry, etc) and 1/3 actual food market catering to the local population. There is the much larger Central Market across town, also worth a visit, but we didn’t make it there on this trip. For more on the Old Market from our last trip, go here.

Siem Reap Street
A river runs through it.
Siem Reap Street
Going into town…
Siem Reap Old Market chicken legs
Fresh chickens for sale.
Siem Reap Old Market
All kinds of produce including lots of chilies for sale.
Siem Reap Old Market Halal butcher
Butchering fresh meat.
Siem Reap Old Market crispy bugs
Poultry and fried crispy critters (see below).
Siem Reap Old Market bugs
Cupful of fried crickets anyone?
Siem Reap Old Market sticky rice banana
This was delicious; grilled banana and sticky rice. Vendor is outside the old market.
Siem Reap Old Market
The touristy part of the market.
Siem Reap Old Market sticky rice banana
The sugar (or maybe coconut milk?) in the sticky rice gets caramelized when it cooks inside the banana left so it’s crispy on the outside edge and then soft, with the banana inside. Mmmm…
Seam Reap Old Market
On the outside edge of the Old market I bought a few pairs of silver stud earrings. Very inexpensive. Somehow I forgot to bring any earrings on the trip!
Siem Reap Street
The Old Market


  • Lynn

    LOVE the header photo, but some of the food in the other photos was a little too fresh for me, if ya know what I mean! 😉 I find local markets fascinating, but not sure I could actually stomach a visit to one like this. Did you eat the fried crickets?

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