Coming Soon:

Southeast Asian Adventure 2023: Kristina and two friends spend 2 weeks in Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand. Follow along for food tours, markets, elephants, mine-sniffing giant rats, exploring ancient temples and ruins, and someone gets a tattoo!

Cambodia 2020– a 10 day trip to Cambodia to spend time in Siem Reap with the Ponheary Ly Foundation.

Past Trips:

Luang Prabang Laos 2017– a three day trip to Luang Prabang Laos with friends as part of a longer trip to Cambodia. We ate and drank well; everything from the best breakfast noodles, to river seaweed, to duck breast with tamarind, to classic cocktails. We explored local markets, visited gorgeous waterfalls, took a boat ride up the Mekong to visit caves filled with Buddha statues and wandered the streets of old Luang Prabang. Part of a more extended trip to Cambodia.

Hong Kong and Shanghai 2015 Three days in Hong Kong Central District, Lantau Island, and markets. An overnight train to Shanghai!  In Shanghai,  the Bund and Nanjing Road, dumplings, museums, and the marriage market.

Cambodia and Burma 2014- We spent a week with the Ponheary Ly Foundation and visited Koh Ker and Sreyang. From there we flew to Burma, visiting Bagan, Inle Lake, and Yangon.

Japan 2011- Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, we spent 8 days visiting Tokyo and Kyoto. We had an amazing trip filled with fantastic food (sushi! ramen! okonomiyaki! udon!), Harajuku girls, temples and shrines, Buddhas and bullet trains.

Cambodia 2010- Two weeks in Cambodia the Ponheary Ly Foundation, visiting local schools and families in very poor and rural villages. We participated in the Pchum Ben holiday, saw the temples of Angkor, had a crazy 12-hour boat ride to Battambang, and rode the Bamboo train.

Vietnam and Bangkok 2009- Two weeks in Vietnam (Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Saigon with a weekend in Bangkok.

Thailand and Cambodia 2007- A return to Bangkok and Siem Reap and the beginning of something special in Cambodia.

Thailand 2006- A week spent in Bangkok and Phuket with cooking classes, kayaking, and temples.

Cambodia and Thailand 2002- a 2-week trip to see the ancient ruins of Angkor, the atrocities of the Khmer Rogue in Phnom Penh, the beaches of Ko Chang Thailand, and the bustling metropolis of Bangkok.

Bangkok, Thailand 2000- Six days exploring the city with Kristina and her mother.