Japan 2011

Sushi, Shrines and Shinkansen; 8 Days in Tokyo and Kyoto

In April 2011 we spent 8 days visiting Tokyo and Kyoto. We had an amazing trip filled with fantastic food (sushi! ramen! okonomiyaki! udon!), Harajuku girls, temples and shrines, Buddhas and bullet trains.

On Deciding To Go To Japan

Japan Travel Resources and Links

Tips and Observations For A First Time Traveler To Japan

Did I Fly All The Way to Japan to Have My First Meal at Denny’s?

Half Day Tour of Tokyo-Can We Learn to Love the Bus and Follow the Leader?

Tokyo Restaurants; Hitsumabushi and Tsunahachi

Tokyo’s Harajuku Girls and Rockabilly Boys

A Tale of Two Breakfasts in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

A Visit to Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo

Shinkansen Tokyo to Kyoto and Our First Okonimiyaki

Kyoto; Westin Miyako Hotel Review

Kyoto’s Nishiki Market and Daimaru Depachicka (Food Hall)

A Visit To Kyoto’s Nijo Castle

Nanzen-Ji Temple and Dinner at Asuka

Nara Japan; Sacred Deer, Todai-ji Temple and Lunch in a Bus Station

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Tokyo’s Ramen Jiro, A Delicious Happy Accident

Tokyo’s Ameyoko Market and Yakitori with the Local Crew

Tokyo Dome, Last Minute Shopping, Food Hall Lunch

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