Peru 2014



Machu Picchu:

The Sacred Valley:




  • Shannon

    I am enjoying these blog posts and your trip report on Fodor’s. We are planning a very similar trip to Peru in 2015. I am wondering what it was like travelling in the week before Easter? Did that affect your plans at all and were many things closed for the celebrations on Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Thanks in advance.

    • wired2theworld

      So glad you are liking my posts! There will be more soon. I wouldn’t say being there during Holy Week affected much. In fact, I’ve traveled in Mexico, Spain, Italy and now Peru during Holy Week and I quite like it.

      In Cusco, there were several churches closed during the day in preparations for that week’s festivities, but then that night we got into churches which are normally closed. Go figure. Good Friday is usually interesting because of processions. Cusco is supposed to have good ones, but we left that morning for Lima. We left Lima on Easter Sunday so that didn’t impact us at all.

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