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Each time we go on a new trip we find ourselves considering the needs of travel insurance. Maybe this is a factor of getting older, but it feels more necessary now than it ever did before. Certainly when we did our around the world trip we bought travel insurance, but there were plenty of times we took the risk depending on the destination.

Do you need travel insurance?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: Most of the time, especially when traveling internationally and when there are non-refundable expenses.

First, look at how much you paid for those plane tickets. If they’re international, they probably cost way more than just a couple hundred dollars, right? And they’re probably non-refundable too. Can you afford that loss if you have to cancel? For this reason alone I recommend buying the insurance as soon as you buy those tickets.

What if you get in a car accident in Cambodia, India, or Kenya and break a leg? Yes, medical care is cheaper in those places, but would you really want to have have surgery there? Insurance will make sure you get home if needed for care. Of course, there are limits to the coverage as there are with any insurance, so make sure you educate yourself.

What do we do?

Over the years, we’ve bought insurance from many different companies and recently discovered World Nomads Travel Insurance. For us, they offer very good value for trips both short and long so this is what we now buy before traveling internationally.

One of their best features is that they give you two options for levels of coverage; Standard and Explorer. This way you don’t end up buying more coverage than you need.

We’ve found that Standard covers us for pretty much every trip. If we wanted to go to Antarctica, covered. Camel Riding, Bungee Jumping, Trekking up to 6000 meters? Covered under the Standard plan. However, if we were planning on scuba diving, hot air ballooning or even sky diving, then the Explorer plan would be our choice, and for not much more expense. If you’re curious, you can see an A-Z list of covered 100 sports & activities here.

Another critical feature is the medical emergency and evacuation coverage. We’ve heard too many stories of travelers being injured and facing excessive costs while trying to get home. For more on what they cover check out the 5 key parts of a World Nomads’ travel insurance policy which include trip interruption, delay and cancellation, and baggage loss among other benefits.

Seven things you should know about World Nomads travel insurance

    1. Trusted reliable underwriters is backed by a suite of strong, secure, specialist travel insurers who provide you with great cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.
    2. Value for money with the cover you need provides cover for what’s important for travellers from over 150 countries. By focussing on what you need and leaving out what you don’t, World Nomads prices are some of the most competitive online.
    3. Flexibility when you need it most Had a change of plans? You can extend your policy indefinitely or claim online while you are still away. You can even buy a World Nomads policy if you’re already travelling.
    4. Cover for a range of adventure activities From skiing & snowboarding in New Zealand to whitewater rafting in Colorado, covers a range of adventure activities, giving you peace of mind to get the most from your travels.
    5. World Nomads keeps you travelling safely All members have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts, as well as travel safety advice and tips online through the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub.
    6. More than just great value travel insurance All members can learn the local lingo through a series of iPod & iPhone Language Guides and can stay in touch with family and friends with an online travel journal.
    7. Commitment to exceptional customer service We want to make sure you get the most from You can find out more about what is covered and the 5 key parts of a World Nomads’ travel insurance policy. If you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, please contact directly.

Wired2theworld is a World Nomads affiliate so if you click through and buy from here, we get a small commission which helps support this blog and is always appreciated. We don’t receive anything for free or even discounted from World Nomads and they did not ask us to write anything. We simply like the product enough ourselves to buy it.

Make sure you do your homework when buying any travel insurance.  Read all the fine print to determine if it’s right for you.  These opinions are ours alone and we’ll keep buying our insurance from them, even if you don’t!


  • Max Wax

    You need to make it clear that “World Nomads” travel Insurance automatically discriminate against anyone age 65+ without any further enquiry as to the state of their health. My wife and I are 65, very fit & travel abroad at least 4 time each year on very active walking trips. I suggest you recommend insurers who do not discriminate against individuals based solely on their age.

    See –

  • Max Wax

    W2tW – Thank you for your positive response. There are of course many online comparison sites with some of these specialising in finding travel insurance for the older traveller. However, many recommendations are based on the “cheapest” premiums. This is not the best way to find a reliable insurance company. A low up front cost is useless if you find yourself in a bureaucratic nightmare when it comes to making a claim. As well as price also research independent reviews on how helpful the insurance company was in “live” situations. Meanwhile put the pressure on by boycotting insurers that turn down travel insurance (or over inflate prices) based entirely on age and also ask younger members of your friends and family to support your action.

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