There is a travel saying, “bring half the stuff and twice the money.” I would tend to agree with that philosophy though I believe that if you pack right, you won’t need twice the money.

When we travel, we try to go carry-on only as much as possible. Even if we have to check our bags we are using carry-on sized luggage. This just makes travel easier once you arrive at your destination. It’s easier to take public transportation from the airport, easier to get on and off trains, easier to walk through a city if you are not burdened by large suitcases. Sometimes we have to do laundry, but it’s worth it not to have to lug a huge amount of clothes with us.

If you’re interested in how we do it, check out the link to the post below which is the latest post on packing.
I’ve taken all previous posts offline for now because I realized they were painfully out of date (that happens when you’ve been blogging as long as I have).

How To Pack Carry-On Only For Any Length Trip 

Packing Tech and Toiletries


  • clara costa

    Im also a traveler..n ive had so many bad experiences with bags, specially if u r travelling in India or europe, where u have to take many trains. Now, i only carry one backpack n always leave things behind!!

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