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Updated April 14, 2011

Men’s Clothes:

Scroll down the page for  the Basic Men’s Hot Weather Packlist (Tropical/Beach/South East Asia)
See the Tech, Toiletries, and Other page for non-clothing items.  


  • Whenever I have to check my main bag, I always pack a zip lock bag into my carry-on with a change of clothes (shirt, bra, underwear, socks) in case luggage is lost or delayed.
  • If David and I are traveling together, I pack a change of clothes into his bag and put one in mine. That way, if one bag goes missing, we each have something.

Basic Cold Weather Packlist (City/Europe/US)

The list below is for a week trip long trip to Japan in Spring, but we would bring similar clothes to Europe in the Fall, or any large US City. The weather should be in the 60’s to low-70’s during the day with some rain and into the 50’s at night. We both had 22″ roll aboards which we checked because most international carriers have stright weight requirements. If we had been flying a US Airline, we might have been able to carry it all on. Besides the 22′, we each had a small backpack and a daybag for our cameras.  


T shirts/Polos-Short Sleeve- 3
Long sleeve T-shirts- 3
Sweater, cashmere-1
Sweater Vests-2
1 long sleeve button down shirt

Cargo pants-1



Wool Coat
Camera Bag

Packing Light:
The list below is for a 16 day trip to Vietnam in July 2009. Both of us went on this trip and we each had a 22″ roll aboard and a smaller carry-on bag/backpack. We did not plan on checking our bags, at least not on the way there. Neither bag was stuffed full.

Post Trip Notes:
We each wore everything we brought. We had laundry done mid way through the trip in Hoi An for $1 per kilo, spending about $10 to have 2 loads of all of our clothes combined done.
I also had a knee length wool coat made, bought 2 purses, many scarves, a 10′ table runner, and 4 single serving Vietnamese metal coffee filters plus coffee. I was able to add all these items to my suitcase without having to expand it.
David bought 5 golf/polo type shirts plus a couple t-shirts and they all fit in his bag without expanding it. My point is, you can travel light.
We ended up doing carry-on all the way to Hanoi. We had to check our bags for internal flights and were forced to check on the way home because JAL switched us to Thai Airways due to a delayed flight.

4 T shirts
3 button down shirts, short sleeve
1 long sleeve cotton button down shirt

3 Shorts
2 Pants
2 Swimtrunks

Flip flops


green messenger bag

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