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A Visit To Trajan’s Market in Rome

Even after many trips to Rome there’s always something new to see. I must have walked past the ruins of Trajan’s Market dozens of times and never really gave it much thought. This time I thought, “how is it possible I’ve never been in to see a 2000 year old market?”

They were taking down installed pieces from an art show when we arrived so unfortunately there were parts of the museum which were off limits to visitors. Still, we decided to go in and they discounted our tickets by a couple of euro. The entrance to the museum is on Via IV Novembre, but you can see the curved three story building of the market’s offices when standing in front of the Forum on via dei Fori Imperiali.

Inside the museum’s entrance is the vaulted Main Hall of the old market. Now, in the niches which once held shops, are various statues.

Trajan's Market

Once through the Hall and out into the open areas, it’s easy to imagine this as a bustling market almost 2000 years ago. According to what I’ve read, certain sections were set up for certain types of businesses, so on one street were all the taverns, and another area might have held all the wool sellers or jewelers.

Trajan's Market

Trajan's Market
View from the top. This bottom area, next to Trajan's Forum was not open to visitors.

Trajan's Market

Trajan's Market

Trajan's Market
View of Trajan's Forum which is right in front of the Market.

Trajan's Market View

The view of the “Wedding Cake” or Victor Emmanuel Monument from the top of Trajan’s Market. In all my trips to Rome I’ve never been inside this structure. The Capotoline Museum buildings are in the back, to the left.

Finally from the chapter of my (yet unwritten) book called “Places I’d Like To Live Someday” check out these three apartments. They can all be seen from the top sections of Trajan’s Market so I can just imagne the views they have from their balconies…

Trajan's Market View

Trajan's Market View

Trajan's Market View

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  • walkingon travels

    When we were in Rome it took us 6 days (yes 6!) to realize we were staying one block from Trajan’s Market. It’s not that we didn’t know it was an old, historic site, it’s just that we never made the connection until our last day in town and I asked hubby what last thing he wanted to make sure we saw. He said the market and then looked it up. Good grief. We had been walking straight by it every day on our way to other sights! Glad you finally made it and I agree with you on those apartments. I’d take any one of them for sure!

  • Myra

    I’ve walked by the Trajan markets a few times and always wanted to go in, but never did since I was on my way to either the Forum or Palatine Hill. Fun to see those easily recognizable sights (wedding cake!) from a different point of view. I also apartment daydream in Rome and take pictures of my favorites. Is that first apartment built into the ruins of the markets? Gorgeous!

  • Rita Kunnan

    These are such amazing shots. These structures are completely enthralling. I have not had a chance to visit Rome, but it is definitely one of my dream destinations. The culture, art and architecture of Rome have always intrigued me. I would just love to stay in one of these apartments, the view outside from the top would be so mesmerizing for sure.

  • Gilbert P.

    Their market is breathtaking. I have never been in Rome. These are really good photos. What camera did you use?

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Gilbert P

  • Darla

    I would also like to live on those apartments. What a nice view to awaken to every morning. You made a pretty good justice to the site, the shots we’re great! 🙂

  • Amy

    Beautiful shots! I just wonder about the architectural beauty of these places. It must have been such a great experience to discover and feel that sacral space. I always feel in a special way while being in these breathtaking structures with their gorgeous dimensions. Nice Photos, thanks for sharing them!

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