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The Cats of Morocco

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I’m a cat person, as are the people with whom I travel (David, my mother, even our friends). So it’s no surprise that in Morocco, I took photos of cats everywhere. I miss my kitties when I travel and I’m a sucker for cats everywhere I go, feeding them under tables in outdoor restaurants or stopping for a little head scratch and a bit love on the sidewalk.

Morocco was a cat lover’s paradise, much like Turkey, where there were cats everywhere. Some nights we wrapped up a bit of our dinner in a napkin and shared them with the local strays on the way back to our riad. No one got mad, and more than once, when someone from the neighborhood saw us do this, they smiled and said “thank you”. Even though there are a lot of sick kittens and under-fed strays, Morocco seems to be a cat friendly country.

MarrakechCat3This girl was quite talkative, can’t you tell?

Play time in the old medina in Casablana.

Kid and cat in Fez.

Fez cat with mustache.

Shhhh….I’m sleeping.

Patiently waiting outside the poultry vendor in a market in Marrakech.

Kitten in Marrakech market.

Pretty girl in Fez.

Pile of Cats in Marrakech


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